ZWIPA confronts Budiriro woman abuser

Following a shameful incident which gathered attention of many on social media where a man appeared on video beating up a women over an alleged $6 debt, Zimbabwe Women in Politics Alliance founder and Coordinator and other concerned women of Zimbabwe organised themselves Tuesday afternoon and went to the man’s home place in Budiriro to demonstrate against such wanton behavior.

ZWIPA notes with concern how some men still have that backward mentality of going about butchering and abusing women as if they are objects of Willy nilly actions of men, ZWIPA would like to make clear that this behavior will not be tolerated in our society at all costs.

Linda Tsungirirai Masarira, Founder and National Coordinator of ZWIPA said it is high time some men out there know that women of Zimbabwe are ready and prepared to deal accordingly with anyone who thinks they can get away with any form of violence against women.

“ We went to Budiriro today to confront this evil WE have watched from time immemorial women being abused in all forms while we kept quiet, some men take advantage of a weak judiciary system which is   ineffective and not punitive enough  to deter offenders ,

“What is $50 compared to the damage caused to that women, what message does it send to some who are doing it unnoticed or who were are contemplating doing such a barbaric  treatment to women?. Surely, in this time when we are fighting to end domestic violence this fine is too low

“Our message is very clear, women in Zimbabwe are not going to fold their hands while  our sisters are beaten up , paraded in the streets and on social media platforms yet the perpetrators get away with it , we are going to fight for our dignity and today’s action is only a tip of an iceberg. Watch the space and be warned!!!!!!” she said.

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