ZWIPA calls on govt to act on Binga Hospital electricity crisis

The Zimbabwe Women in politics Alliance (ZWIPA) is appalled that a government Ministry mandated to oversee the health and welfare of the citizens of Zimbabwe seems to be on vacation while hundreds of people are dying in state hospitals due to negligence and marginalization.

It is surprising and at the same time painful that Binga District Hospital staff are struggling to serve lives running without water and Electricity while the Zanu PF government is busy looking for some rallies conducted by the opposition so that they quickly deploy their militia to go and beat up innocent people.

Linda Tsungirirai Masarira, Founder and National Coordinator of ZWIPA said it has been long since the Zanu PF government has marginalised the people of Matabeleland which is a clear sign that the regime is not people oriented and does not respect people’s right to life.

“The government of Zimbabwe has never paid attention to the needs of people in Matabeleland. We will not tolerate this kind of unethical conduct and inhuman treatment of Zimbabweans. How can a hospital, a government hospital to precise operate without water and electricity? Tonga’s are also people and have the right to health as enshrined in section 76. This is totally unacceptable and we are calling for Dr. David Parirenyatwa to step down as the Minister of Health”, said Masarira

“Binga Hospital is only a tip of an iceberg, worse situations remain unreported in most government hospitals. Zanu PF government is only good at looting and enriching themselves at the expense of the masses. Every person lives once and we will not be quiet and watch this soft genocide happening to our fellow Zimbabweans. Thousands are dying because of lack of adequate health care. Zanu PF has failed this country, we need a system overhaul before we all perish”, she said.

ZWIPA feels that the government is no longer interested in serving the people but rather bent on doing everything in its power to maintaining its cling on power and that must stop. This is a violation of the citizen’s right to health enshrined in the constitution , if Zanu Pf is not interested in upholding the country’s supreme law , which is the constitution , then who else will it serve?

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