ZRP To Impound Vehicles Without Registration Plates

In a swift move meant to curb criminal activities, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) will impound vehicles with no registration numbers and requisite plates.

Government-owned vehicles will not be spared either.

In a statement released prior to Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) demonstrations slated for  Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo and Mutare on 16, 19, 20, 21 and 22 August, the use of unregistered vehicles to conduct criminal acts has necessitated the move.

“We are warning people who are driving vehicles without registration numbers or displaying requisite plates that the police will impound such vehicles throughout the country at checkpoints.

“Some of these vehicles are involved in criminal acts which include public disturbances. Government vehicles found with no registration plates will also be impounded,” indicated ZRP.

This follows unfortunate incidents where ZRP intercepted granite stones and catapults delivered by two unregistered vehicles in the capital’s CBD which were meant to be used during the demonstration.

“It is a fact that police recovered a substantial quantity of granite stones and catapults stashed in sacks and were delivered by two vehicles which had no registration number plates at corner Nelson Mandela and Innez Terrace in Harare during the night of 13 August 2019.

“The vehicles went on to drop sacks containing unknown items to some street kids at corner Robert Mugabe/Harare Street, Copacabana commuter rank and disappeared,” said the ZRP.

Meanwhile, the country is facing a major shortage of number plates which has resulted in unplated vehicles flooding the country’s roads.

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