ZINGOMA Seminars Kickoff

Following success of Zimbabwe International Gospel Music Arts (ZINGOMA) in 2017, the organizers  will host a series of similar events in each province starting in Bulawayo on 10 February.

The Seminar will be hosted under the theme ‘UNITING KINGS AND QUEENS FOR A COMMON CAUSE’ and will be covering on music distribution and marketing, quality music production, financing a sustainable gospel music industry and organizing successful gospel music shows among other topics that will address problems Zimbabwe gospel music genre is encountering.

The seminar will tackle these issues advising artists on how to produce quality music, selecting producers, assembling music groups and music arrangement.

In the, past artists’ main sources of revenue were music sales, shows and to a lesser extent royalties from air play.

However, music piracy and technological developments have greatly affected music sales and it is one of  seminar obligations to address alternative channels of music distribution and sales, so that artists salvage something from their efforts.

There will also be short presentations or words of encouragement from key stakeholders in the music chain like radio stations, print media, television, music promoters, video producers and promoters.

ZINGOMA’s objectives among other issues include creating a platform for gospel artists to network, facilitate, support and accelerate the development of a financially viable and sustainable music industry.


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