ZIMCHE Approves New Degree Programs for Local Universities

Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE) has approved new undergraduate degree programs set to be offered by various tertiary institutions in the country.

Zimche is a government division responsible for the accreditation of universities under the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education.

The council has this week approved new degree programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies to be implemented by various universities across the country.

The most notable accreditation was the approval of the Harare Institute of Technology’s (HIT) new undergraduate program, Bachelor of Technology in Material Engineering & Technology.

ZIMCHE also approved HIT’s first ever Masters Degree programs in Cloud Computing, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Machine Design, and Computer Science. Over the years, the Harare Institute of Technology has been making massive progress in producing undergraduates in challenging fields of technology, but its curriculum has never been complete without Masters enrollment.

Last year, ZIMCHE announced that the council had another fruitful engagement with Solusi University which saw the council accrediting their new degree programs including BSc Management Information Systems Honors, BSc Nutrition Honors, BSc Nursing Honors and BA Early Childhood Education.

In his comments on the approval of new degree programs, the Vice-Chancellor for Solusi University Prof. Joel Musvosvi promised to cooperate with ZIMCHE and oversee the university’s compliance with the education standards of Zimbabwe.

“As a university, we will look into the areas that need to be corrected. I promise you that we will be calling you back soon to review the programmes. We have always complied with ZIMCHE, followed the standards and also paid our dues on time,” said Prof. Musvosvi.


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