Zimbabwe Needs 2056 New Schools: Prof Mavhima

Zimbabwe is in need of an additional 2056 schools if education is to be accessible to every child, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Professor Paul Mavhima has said.

Speaking during the handover of a new school in Hatcliffe built by the Chinese government, Professor Mavhima said besides the new schools, government was also in need of additional infrastructure in the form of laboratories, technical and vocational workshops.

“According to a survey the ministry undertook in 2013, we are in need of 2056 new schools throughout the country,

“Additionally infrastructure in the form of science laboratories, technical and vocational workshops and any child facilities are needed,

“Without adequate infrastructure it will result in education being inaccessible,” he said.

Professor Mavhima added that through the USD$20 million loan from Opec Fund For International Development (OFID), his ministry will from this January build 17 schools across the country.

He further noted that before the end of 2018, 100 new schools would have been built while 66 new laboratories will be added to the already existing schools.

In December last year, China handed over a new school named Zimbabwe-China Friendship High School built to the tune of $2 million in Hatcliffe.

The school is part of China’s projects in Zimbabwe and according to Professor Mavhima, it came as a relief to Hatcliffe community which had few schools burdening parents and children who had to endure walking long distances to school.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of China, Zhaong Baogang said they settled on Hatcliffe because of its large population which could not be serviced by the already existing schools.

“This is a very densely populated community, so many people live here and there are so many houses so i believe this was the right choice to build a school here,” said Baogang.

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