Zimbabwe Information Sharing and Analysis Centre Launched


Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Courier Services has launched the Zimbabwe Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ZISAC), a portal designed to disseminate cyber crime awareness and sharing online security tips to the public.

ZISAC is a flagship of the Ministry of ICT, built in collaboration with Greepys, a risk consultant firm led by cyber security expert Cade Zvavanjanja and the Zimbabwe Information Communication Technologies (ZICT) chaired by Jacob Mutisi.

In his opening remarks, Minister of ICT and Courier Services, Kazembe Kazembe said recent estimates show that the cyberspace now encompasses more than 2 billion people with at least 12 billion computers and devices, including global positioning systems, mobile phones, satellites, data routers, desktop computers and industrial control systems that run our power plants, water systems and more.

“Computer related crimes and cyber threats are on the rise globally and are proving increasingly sophisticated, and difficult to mitigate; the imminent threat of cyber crime to National Security means that Zimbabwe must be prepared and, in the position, to prevent and respond to evolving cyber threats,” added Kazembe Kazembe.

“Zimbabwe’s cyber threat landscape has matured over the years due to the usage and high dependence on ICTs, mobile, cloud, web and desktop applications. The number and impact of cyber-attacks and crimes is on the increase. Renowned local and international cyber-crime and security experts are lined up to help Zimbabwean organizations, individuals and government to resist, detect and respond to cyber crimes and attacks. Its not just talk, but actionable strategies, tools, methodologies as outputs of the practical and live demonstrations of how cyber crimes are committed and how to secure, detect and respond” said Cade Zvavanjanja of Greepys.

The portal comes at a time when the ICT Ministry has just also launched the national cyber security awareness week (CSW) which is running from the 4th of December to the 10th.


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