Zim economy favourable for start-up entrepreneurs

Top American entrepreneurs and mentors have hailed the country’s economic step-up saying that it offers entrepreneurs opportunities to start businesses.

This was revealed during a one day workshop hosted at Hypercube Hub.

The 263Chat event was attended by local and international entrepreneurs from across the globe. The one day event saw entrepreneurs sharing knowledge on aspects such as preparing a start-up for future investment, adopting cross border approaches for start-up growth.

Listen to the entire 263Chat Event – 263Chat Live Event on 17 Feb 2015 re Entrepreneurship Day

Speaking with 263chat during a side interview Mr. Dan Roselli, the Co-Founder of Packard Place, RevTechLabs and QCFinTech said that the current Zimbabwean setup is favourable for start-up entrepreneurs.

“The hard economic conditions in Zimbabwe should be utilised to create viable businesses.  The economic recession that hit the United States for the last 5 years saw companies flourishing, the same should be said about Zimbabwe,” said Roselli.

He went on to urge start-up entrepreneurs to create solutions in such a needy economy.

“As a consumer find where there is inefficiency, and say how I can create solution,” he said.

Chris Baker, founder of One Seed urged start-up entrepreneurs to be strategic despite the harsh environment.

“Zimbabwe has incredible resources and as an entrepreneur you have to be scrappy and you have to work through any environment whether that’s in Zimbabwe or anywhere in the world, said Baker.

Devin Collins, the Assistant Director UNC Charlotte   echoed the above sentiments when he said that once an economy is bad start-up entrepreneurs will always succeeded.

“Whenever there is trauma there is also an opportunity,” said Collins.

Last year entrepreneurs from Zimbabwe and Zambia converged in the US for a Professional Fellows Program and this event was an exchange program for the same fellowship.

Photo credit: James Mlambo

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