Zifa Manicaland Conducts Fifa Online Player Registration

About 20Junior League and eight Division Two League Clubs in Manicaland have registered for an online Fifa player registration workshop to be held tomorrow (Friday) at the Zifa Manicaland Office.

By Fungayi Munyoro

Zifa Manicaland chairman Kuziwa Nyabeze said that the main aim of the workshop is to capacitate junior and division two clubs.

“We are having a Fifa Online player registration workshop (Fifa Connect) tomorrow. I am happy with the response. So far, 20 junior league and eight-division two teams have registered for the workshop. Our target is to have a class of 30 people. I am happy with the organizers of the Mai Hondo Junior Tournament who paid affiliation fee for 20 clubs. Mai Hondo and Associates are so supportive when it comes to junior league development in the province, ” he said.

Nyabeze said that over the years junior league clubs have been losing players to bigger teams without benefiting anything out of it.

“Our teams have learnt the hard way. Over the years clubs have not been benefitting from their junior players. We can talk of a team like La Sakubva which has produced so many talented players but still did not benefit because it has not registered its players. Big teams from Harare would just come and snatch players from this site free of charge. After this workshop, things will be done properly and no snatching of players, ” he said.

Nyabeze said they are planning to have a similar workshop in Chipinge. He also encouraged division two teams to have junior players in their team setups.

“We want our division two teams to have 80-90 per cent of their players to be below the age of 20. We will market those players and their respective clubs will benefit out of it, ” he added.

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