Zi-Dancehall Empire Celebrates Second Anniversary

ZiFM’s Zi-Dancehall empire will on the 17th of March invade Long Cheng Plaza in Harare to celebrate their first anniversary on radio with a line up of performances from top Zimdancehall artists including Killer T, Jah Signal and Lady Squanda among others.

The show’s most decorated host, Abisha Palmer, born Abisha Tendai Zenda, will also be celebrating his second anniversary on radio and his 32nd birthday.

In an interview with 263Chat, Abisha noted that the celebrations to mark the first anniversary of Zi-Dancehall were organised in partnership with a number of artists.

“The celebration of this magnitude was not of my own personal decision but came through the influence of upcoming artists like Jah Signal, Boom Beto, Silent Killer and Blot came forward and said why not do something big this year” said Abisha.

Zi-Dancehall which has been a platform for upcoming Zimdancehall artists to gain exposure is an initiative of ZiFM and Abisha believes the show has reaped huge results for most musicians.

“Most of these upcoming artists still feel they are not gaining enough recognition,” said Abisha Palmer.

Abisha’s partner on the Zi-Dancehall show, DJ Two Bad said, “We have a number of shows lined up, as Zi-Dancehall Empire we will be having a show in Nyanga with Winky D on the 24th of March, in April will be having a show at the Golden Mile King Solomon’s Hotel in Kwekwe alongside Kenya’s biggest sound, Black Supremacy and a winter tour in South Africa.”

The Zi-Dancehall first anniversary celebrations will feature established dancehall artists including Hwindi, Killer T, Soul Jah Love, Jah Signal, Freeman, Nutty O, Lady Squanda and Darula.


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