The Zhuwao Brief Reloaded Article 10 (ZBR10): Who is Jealousy Mawarire?

As the proverbial Ides of March beckoned on Thursday 15th March 2018, social media platforms exploded into a frenzy with news that President Mugabe had given his first media interviews to five news organisations that have massive outreach to Zimbabweans at home and in the Diaspora. The first video of the game changing media event was a 30 seconds introduction to President Mugabe of the journalists from the Times of London, UK’s Independent Television News (ITN), South Africa’s Sunday Times, South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and the Zimbabwe Independent.
Jealousy Mawarire conducted the introductions.

By Honourable Patrick Zhuwao

But who is this Jealousy Mawarire? How did he manage to have pulled off this scoop? The scoop was coming in exactly four months after the coup of 15th November 2017, and after the expiry of the 100 days that EDiots had given themselves as they clamoured for Zimbabweans and the world to endorse the embattled Mnangagwa. This was all occurring in an environment where the objective living conditions of Zimbabweans had significantly deteriorated with marked economic decline and an implosion of social services manifested in strikes in the health sector.

Jealousy Mawarire is the National Spokesperson of the National Patriotic Front (NPF) led by Retired Brigadier General Ambrose Mutinhiri, who is NPF’s Founding President and Presidential Candidate for the 2018 Elections. The NPF had emerged, initially as the New Patriotic Front, through a Petition to the African Union (AU) and Southern African Development Community (SADC) on 29th January 2018; when the AU Summit of Heads of State and Government was underway in Addis Ababa at which Mnangagwa lied about President Mugabe’s safety and welfare.

The NPF Petition triggered the visit to Zimbabwe by the African Union Commission (AUC) Chairperson Dr Moussa Faki Mahamat. Whilst diplomatic etiquette required that the AUC Chair refer to his visit as a courtesy call, the reality that it was a response to the NPF Petition was betrayed by the fact that the AUC Chair was accompanied by the AUC’s Political Commissioner.

When Jealousy Mawarire’s name emerged as NPF’s National Spokesperson in its 5th March 2018 press statement, highlighting the NPF President’s courtesy call to President Mugabe, the ZANU PF Junta’s intelligence apparatus attempted to trick and hoodwink some politicians who have been associated with G40 (in its erroneous conceptualisation as a faction of ZANU PF) to start asking the question; who is Jealousy Mawarire? These infantile efforts at destabilisation sought to relegate and downscale the NPF into a mere factional outfit.

The ZANU PF Junta’s intelligence apparatus dismally failed to translate NPF into a mere factional outfit as evidenced by the fact that the only two currently known members of the founding executive do not fit into that specification of being part of the so-called G40 cabalists; namely being young politicians within ZANU PF. General Mutinhiri is nowhere near the age bracket normally associated with G40, and Jealousy Mawarire is, and was, not a member of ZANU PF.

NPF is emerging to be the only political formation that addresses the concerns of a cross section of Zimbabweans with regards to the dishonour that was visited upon the people of Zimbabwe in general, and ZANU PF members in particular, by the despicable actions of the coup conspirators and terrorist junta as they violated the Constitution of Zimbabwe in the shameful coup of 15th November 2017. As President Mugabe highlighted, on his 94th birthday celebrations at his Blue Roof Residence, the pre-coup leadership of ZANU PF is obliged to apologise to ZANU PF members for the ignominy of the coup

It therefore becomes incumbent upon those of us, who have been labelled as G40 cabalists, to ensure that we allow for unhindered access to all patriotic Zimbabweans who have a nationalistic outlook the opportunity to be at the forefront of NPF. NPF can never be a factional project. NPF can never be exclusionary in the EDiotic way that the coup conspirators and terrorist junta have appropriated ZANU PF in their “Chinhu Chedu” (our thing) mantra.

As we answer the question, who is Jealousy Mawarire, we must acknowledge that he is a Zimbabwean who, like everyone else in the NPF family, is a voluntary member of and subscribes to the ideological foundation and values of NPF. Jealousy Mawarire has shown that he is willing and able to volunteer his experience and skills to championing the inter-generational and transformational aspirations of our country within the context of the foundational values and principles enshrined in Section 3(1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe and founded on the enduring gains of independence as a legacy of our country’s liberation struggle.

But the more enduring question for the NPF family must go beyond asking who Jealousy Mawarire is as an individual or who anyone else is for that matter. As we work to restore constitutional order, normalcy and legitimacy in the wake of the 15th November coup, we are each and all of us obliged to ask ourselves whether we are playing our own part and volunteering our own time and positive energy to cure the coup. We must be able to determine how we can restore the greatness of Zimbabwe. It therefore becomes apt that we abide by the slogan that President Mugabe gave to us during his last address to the nation as President and Head of State and Government.

Iwe neni tine basa. Umsebenzi loUmkhulu. Asante Sana.

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