ZEC Hires PR Firm To Rebrand.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission says it will soon engage a public relations firm as it makes strides towards a rebranding exercise.

The commission has a bad public perception and is on a desperate move to shrug off allegations of being highly politicised.

ZEC Commissioner, Joyce Letitia Kazembe told reporters on the sidelines of a workshop on the African Charter on Democracy and Election Governance (ACDEG) the commission will not only be active during elections but all year round.

ZEC has largely been seen to be siding with the ruling party and has been accused of rigging elections for the ZANU-PF party.

Their perception has destroyed public confidence in the election supervision board.

The commission has also come under fire for taking quite when there are no elections, a move which Commissioner Kazembe said will be a thing of the past.

“We want to constantly bombard communities with information on a daily basis in every issue so that there is no break and so that we are not seen to be active during or after elections,” she noted.

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