Where Is Mnangagwa?


The ruling Zanu PF members are keeping the whereabouts of former vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa a secret amid indications that he will only appear in public when his security is guaranteed.

Mnangagwa unceremoniously left the country following his ouster from government a fortnight ago and has been reported to be in South Africa while other sources allege that Mugabe’s long time ally fled to China.

His last public appearance was at the Zanu PF Bulawayo Youth Interface rally where Mugabe and his wife Grace took turns to castigate him for leading a faction that booed the first family while cheering him.

The only other time he was seen was when he tried to cross into Mozambique via Forbes Border Post in Mutare soon after his expulsion.

As drama in Zanu PF rages on, with the party’s Central Committee reinstating Mnangagwa to his position of vice President and Second Secretary, he has been out of the public picture.

Party Secretary for Finance, Obert Mpofu told the media in Harare yesterday that Mnangagwa’s whereabouts and quietness showed how disciplined he is and that has united the party.

“He is a disciplined cadre and has been under attack from negative forces but kept quite, traits he got from the war. it is that quietness that has bore some good fruits into all this saga.

“At the moment, we cannot tell where he is but he is coming back soon,” said Mpofu.

Secretary for Legal Affairs, Patrick Chinamasa said Mnangagwa will come back to assume the presidency when his security is guaranteed.

“We have mapped a clear road map for the smooth transfer of power and Mnangagwa will come back to assume that leading role. We don’t know where his is but he is on his way back,” said Chinamasa.

War Veterans leader, Chris Mutsvangwa could not be drawn to comment on Mnangagwa’s whereabouts saying his family were best placed to know where he could be.

“I dont know where Mnangagwa is at the moment and if i knew i wouldn’t tell due to security concerns, but the best people to talk to will be his family, but we know he is safe and ready to lead us,” noted Mutsvangwa.

The Zimbabwe Defense Forces, led by General Constantine Chiwenga, last week led a well-coordinated military intervention which is pushing to end Mugabe’s 37 year grip on power.

Mnangagwa is expected to assume leadership of the party following a unanimous resolution of the party’s Central Committee in Harare on Sunday.

Zanu PF gave Mugabe up to 12pm on Monday to tender his resignation following which they will begin a process to impeach him. The process to impeach him appears set to kick-start following what appeared like a stubborn stance when he addressed the nation on Sunday.


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