Zanu PF MPs Deliberate on Mugabe Impeachment

Zanu PF parliamentarians are currently meeting at the party’s headquarters to deliberate on plans to impeach President Robert Mugabe in Parliament following his refusal to bow down to pressure for him to step down by midday today.

The ruling party’s chief whip, Lovemore Matuke told reporters that Mugabe and his wife, Grace had become a source of instability within the party and government.

“We are gravely concerned that the President has become the country’s source of instability by his indiscriminate and continuous dismissal of members of his cabinet including two Vice Presidents in the past four years on allegations of plotting to assassinate him and forcibly take over power, hence we want to move a motion to impeach him,” said Matuke.

The ruling party already has two thirds majority required to have Mugabe removed from office.

President of the Chiefs Council, Fortune Charumbira also threw his weight behind the motion to have Mugabe thrown out. Asked on the position of chiefs on the fate of President Mugabe, Charumbira said “Of course, why not,”.

Previously, traditional chiefs were Mugabe’s pillar of support helping him strengthen his grip on the rural vote.

Zanu PF Deputy Secretary for Legal Affairs, Paul Mangwana, said Mugabe’s condition had become a serious problem hindering him from fully discharging his duties hence their decision to recall him.

“Mugabe is too old and frail to lead the nation, we can not have him re-elected into power again, that would be a de-service to the nation.

“He stands accused of failing to implement the constitution and his wife is in the habit of insulting party leaders together with their G40 cabal,as a result we want them gone and we have already moved a motion to have him impeached which we are here to finalize,” said Mangwana

He accused Mugabe and his wife of abusing the party for their selfish gains.

Mugabe has since been booted out of the party through a resolution passed by the Extra Ordinary Central Committee ,which sat yesterday.


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