ZANU PF Youths Cautions Judiciary On machete Gangs

The ZANU PF Youth league has urged the judiciary to sentence convicted Machete wielding gangs to life imprisonment.

By Tarisai Mhlanga

This comes after a recent spate of reports on machete wielding gangs who have been killing people in mining communities around the country.

In a statement recently, the Youth League Secretary for Information and Publicity, Yeukai Simbanegavi said the actions of machete gangs was worse than cattle rustlers.

“Furthermore, machete wielding gangs are a worse societal evil compared to even cattle rustling and as such should carry severe deterrent sentences like life imprisonment and lengthy sentences.

“We pray in this regard that Judicial Officers may give the maximum possible sentence for all individuals convicted of crimes involving machetes.

“We also further hope the judicial system shall expedite these cases in sentencing, such that any one outside who feel obliged to follow in these terrible ways are quickly discouraged.”

“Innocent people have been killed and some injured by the marauding gangs said Simbanegavi.

Simbanegavi said the youth league was willing to partner with the police and other state security agents to tame the machete gang menace.

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