Zanu PF Back In Default Setting: Chamisa

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has denied ever calling for sanctions against the country saying it is Zanu PF’s propaganda meant to harvest political capital.

Chamisa made the remarks during an interview on SABC TV live morning programme.

“You will never have my voice behind calling for any measures or sanction against Zimbabwe. What we have made clear and emphatic is to say that we need good governance in the country and make sure that we have engaged at a national level, we correct issues of human rights abuses, corruption within our system.

“Once we clear our own yard and backyard we know that all the other issues of international engagement are going to be a walk in the park,” said Chamisa.

On the contrary Chamisa said by accusing him of calling for sanctions Zanu PF was in a default mode.

“That’s all propaganda from our colleagues in Zanu PF. We believe that they would harvest political capital out of lies and lying has become part of their default setting. We have no business to call for any measures against the country but we know that the behaviour of Zanu PF has made Zimbabwe difficult to govern in fact it is Zanu PF that has made Zimbabwe ungovernable through human rights abuses.”

Chamisa bemoaned arrests and attacks on civic society leaders, trade unionists and his party leaders.

“As I speak almost half of my leaders have treason charges against them trumped up by Zanu PF. We are being treated like a banned organisation our programmes and activities being prohibited,” he said.

The MDC leader is believed to be in South Africa to seek facilitation of dialogue with Mnangagwa.

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