Zanu PF Forcing Us To Recognise ‘Illegitimate’ Mnangagwa: MDC

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Chief whip Prosper Mutseyami has blasted Zanu PF legislators who have been disrupting parliamentary committees chaired by legislators from his party saying the rules of the house were being applied selectively as they were punished for walking out on President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In a statement, Mutseyami said parliament was desperate trying to coerce them to accept Mnangagwa as the legitimate leader of the country by setting up a committee to investigate MDC legislators over their conduct when walked out on the President.

“In a desperate bid to coerce us to endorse illegitimacy, they have since set up the Privileges committee to investigate us and they said the probe team will release its findings in May, In addition before setting up the committee they actually docked our six months outstanding allowances for our right to protest the illegitimacy of Mr. E D. Mnangagwa.” said Mutseyami.

He said legislators from the ruling party had disrupted various committees in a bid to force the MDC to recognise the leadership of President Mnangagwa but had not been sanctioned.

“Zanu PF MPs have gone all out to disrupt Parliament business by seeking to ensure that all committees chaired by MDC legislators do not conduct meetings until the party accepts the illegitimate Mr. Dambudzo Emerson Mnangagwa as the duly elected President of Zimbabwe.

“Yesterday, various committee meetings were disrupted that included the Environment committee chaired by Hon. Concilia Chinanzvavana, the ICT Committee chaired by Hon Charlton Hwende while there was also an attempt to disrupt the Higher Education Committee chaired by Hon. Daniel Molokele.

“We are therefore disturbed as to why committee meetings should be disrupted when our so-called unbecoming conduct is still under investigation,” charged Mutseyami

He added “As a country, we are faced with mammoth challenges for which the people are awaiting cogent and robust responses. But Zanu PF is busy playing kindergarten games in the people’s House while the country is in a huge mess.

“When people’s lives are under threat, it is no time for games. To this end, we also express our utter revulsion at the reckless utterances by one Oppah Muchinguri who appears to be playing cheap political games by publicly celebrating the loss of innocent lives in other countries”

Mutseyami said they will not surrender until the government begins to take the nation’s concerns seriously.

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