Zambezi Bonfire Lives Up To Its Billing

Despite the tell tale signs of a possible flop following the Friday night Tuku Memorial Concert at the Glamis Arena, Saturday was a night of bliss at the Delta Beverages-organised Zambezi Bonfire which took place at Donnybrook Park.

Ideally, September would never be good timing to host a bonfire event, but even the weather favoured the function.

With the weather in favour, a bumper crowd that showed up to witness the first ever lighting of the Mighty Zambezi Bonfire secured the event’s success. Sterling performances from a lineup of Tamy, Takura, Djembe Monks and The Movement band were also major contributors.

The successful event also brought lessons to a number of music promoters.

It came as proof that the entertainment arena has evolved from big artists’ stadium concerts to cooler box and beer at pump price events which explains the success of events like Unplugged and Cookout.

After parting with five precious American dollars ($5), the usual gate fee at big stadium concerts, with the country’s state of economy, it does not make economical sense for a music lover to further part with loads of bond notes on unrealistic  beer prices within the venue.

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