Women Can Run Governments: Bulawayo East Legislator

Women are running homes and are capable of running governments, and this is, beyond doubt, a critical time for gender equality, outspoken women activist and Bulawayo East legislator, Tabitha Khumalo has said.

Khumalo, who was speaking on local radio station, ZiFM Stereo, a one hour programme sponsored by the Election Resource Centre (ERC), to commemorate the International Women’s Day, held under the campaign theme #BeBoldForChange, said it is time has come for women to change the way things are happening in the country.

“If we can run homes we can run governments. Women of Zimbabwe we are our own liberators our livelihood is in our hands and the future of our next generation which are our kids is in our hands,” Khumalo said.

The Bulawayo East legislator, speaking on gender justice, a topic close to her heart,  she added: ” We gave birth to each and every human being in Zimbabwe and as women, mothers enough is enough.”

Human Rights activist and the Coordinator of #SheVotes, Maureen Kademaunga, said

Goromonzi West Member of Parliament, who is also the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Gender, Biata Nyamupinga, said

We need more women to participate in 2018 and we must start now to mobilise women. To give information to our women.

We are not a very week block we are also very strong in our own way. Capacity building should start now to capacitate our women and also make sure that we look for resources to give to women and young women who want to participate in elections.

The one hour long radio programme was sponsored by the Election Resource Centre (ERC), a think tank and advocacy institution in elections and democracy, is creating platforms of engagement between citizens (particularly women and youth) and solution holders on accountable governance at all levels.

What is sad is that we have literally gone back 15-20 years backwards on the work that we did in the (19)80s fighting for the girl child and what is critical is how do we rerail ourselves. Economic empowerment is no joke and is one of our greatest  challenges as women.

We need a collective effort amongst women from all walks of life.. what is stopping us from coming together and demanding what is on paper that is not being implemented.

The police for me are being very complacent for me in terms of arresting violence during elections. People must be allowed to promote different ideas regardless of where they are coming from. Our government have been very complacent during elections and definitely the women suffer the most.

Society has taught Zimbabwean subjects that violence against women is okay. These are symptoms of what we were taught to be as a people. The time has come for us to change that mind set and the only way to change that violence is not good is we should capacitate our people.

Be it as it may women are also strong as well we can also stand our ground be we just stand guided by the standing rules and orders of parliament,” Nyamupinga

We just need to have a collective approach to make sure that we put these issues of abuse.

The best way to win out, is to bring our male folks on board we cannot live with or without them the time has come to bring them on board so that we share notes together if it’s a campaign we do it together with our men so that they understand the impact and the health hazards that we face in the mine field of the political arena.


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