Winky D’s Ijipita Surprise Video Laden With Political Undertones

Zimdancehall sensation Winky D yesterday released a surprise video for his hit song Ijipita, off his latest Album Njema, laden with political undertones depicting Zimbabwe’s current political and economic situation.

By Marshall Bwanya

Ijipita music video depicts Winky D as the biblical Moses on a quest to free the children of Israel from the clutches of Pharaoh’s oppression.

Winky D explicitly portrays the children of Israel toiling, labouring and suffering under the whip of the oppressive, sadistic Pharaoh who finds pleasure in their misery.

The children of Israel’s awful suffering depicted in the music video resonates with the current excruciating political and economic injustices Zimbabweans have been exposed to by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration.

Mnangagwa’s administration has come under the spotlight for the continued clampdown on anti-government protests by the main Chamisa led opposition MDC, Civic Society, and Unions.

The thwarting of anti-government protests by the state has been viewed by the international community as a deliberate attempt to close the democratic space in the country.

Christianity being the dominant religion in Zimbabwe, Winky D as a creative artiste uses biblical symbolism most Zimbabweans can decipher to cryptically lament the deteriorating economic conditions and rise of wanton unconstitutional human rights violations.

Winky D, seems to have fallen in love with biblical symbolism as last year in February 2019, he released MuGarden another hit song with biblical allegory.

Ijipita has great visuals, well-choreographed scenes and good storyline most Zimbabwean music lovers can relate to.

The music video’s climax, witnesses the children of Israel finally breaking Pharaoh’s chain of oppression as they journey to Canaan the Promised Land.

Winky D’s has previously clashed with the ZANU PF government for his other songs with political undertones like Parliament and Kasong Kejecha.

In 2018 during a show in Kwekwe Winky D was pelted by bottles by some hooligans before he could perform his controversial hit song, Kasong KeJecha forcing him to abandon playing the song in his future shows.

Ijipita is already trending rocking airwaves with more than 100 thousand views in only 24 hours.

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