Winky D Tackles National Issues in Gombwe.

Top dancehall artist, Wallace Chirumiko better known as Winky D will on the 2nd of February celebrate his 35th birthday in style as he is set to release his 11th album titled Gombwe.

The Dancehall Igwe, as he is affectionately known by a legion of his fans ,has in the past produced more songs on social life and has often called himself the social commentator , as his lyrics resonate well with the struggles that ghetto youths often come across.

Speaking to 263Chat, Winky D’s Manager, Jonathan Banda ,said the Ninja President’s new album , like the previous ones, tackles national issues in the same manner the traditional village court ‘Dare’ does.

“Gombwe is a great Shona name that refers to a setup where national issues are raised and discussed and it falls under the same umbrella term, Dariro,” said Banda.

”A long time ago people enjoyed songs that talked about “kuPinda Mudariro” and those songs made a lot of impact on the dance floors because they appealed to everyone,” said Banda.

“But when Dariro goes a level higher, it becomes a Dare and the elderly people would call it Dare rechimurenga and Gombwe is a scene where national issues are raised to a higher authority for intervention,” Banda added.

Asked on why they settled for the name Gombwe, Banda said they are expecting Winky D’s new offing to trigger discussions on important national issues through music.

“In our case it is going to be musical, we are saying there are national issues that revolve around music and we are coming like a Gombwe to trigger discussion on those national issues through music,” added Banda.

The album has at least 12 tracks and features a number of artists, which Banda could not reveal.

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