Winky D Out Shines Jah Prayzah

Super weekend! Surely it was across entertainment and sporting fields. While English football heavyweights, Chelsea Football Club and Manchester United heralded the return of Barclays Premier League from an international break, Zimdancehall kingpin Winky D, was squaring it off with Jah  Prayzah  in Masvingo.

The duo was performing at Econet’s Kwese iflix Million Dollar Promotion that took place at Masvingo Civic Centre on Saturday.

Jah Prayzah took the stage first with Chengetedza which sent crowds in attendance into a dancing frenzy. The audience that was dining to a free gig courtesy of Kwese and Econet were spoiled to hits like Hondo, Mdhara Vachauya, Emerina among others.

However,the 31 year old’s highlight for his performance is when he performed the never aging Goto. Though he was not at his best, he gave his all on Goto. For as well as over five minutes of the superstar’s performance of the song, a moment of silence was observed across the pitch. The contiguousness of Goto’s effect on Jah Prayzah was evident on a thousand faces of attenders.

But, Winky D was quick to persuade people into forgetting about Jah Prayzah ever being on that stage before him. As if to suggest that the Hello hitmaker’s performance was depressing, Winky D commenced his performance with Auya Uya.

His whole one hour of performance kept the crowd on its toes, smashing hit after hit from his hit infested curriculum vitae.

He performed in a none stop, medley fashion, a style which amazed people sending them wild whenever he moved to the next song. He new his playlist by head as he would even start to dance in tune to the next song way before his band started hitting the notes and rhythms for the following tracks, in showing of how well he has mastered the art of performing.

Unlike Jah Prayzah, who took breaks after each song to decide on following tracks which affected the flow and energy of his deliveries, the Highway Code hitmaker took the chance to display his expertise and well preparedness when it comes to performing.

His performance complimented the sterling well fitted apparel of a black long net sleeved shirt, brown checked trousers and waist coat and Versace shoes.




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