Winky D-Ngirozi Ft Vabati VaJehovah: Video Review

After a long wait, award winning dancehall musician, finally delivered his video of the hit song ‘Ngirozi.’ The song Ngirozi which is generally a sing-along, quickly won the hearts of Gafa President’s followers soon after the release of Gombwe and by any imagination, the collaboration with Vabati VaJehovha suggested of a dope video but that was not be.

The video makes writers think twice before reviewing. With the ‘Support Local Music’ campaign, products like Winky D’s ‘Ngirozi’ music video makes it harder for one to praise and promote. Sheer mediocrity.

A quick run through Wallace ‘Winky D’ Chirumiko’s four minutes 24 seconds video:

The video opens with shots from Harare Central Business District and a residence probably within the same city accompanied with a background sound that is suggestive of a horror movie in action.

Soon afterwards warmer and lighter background sounds of birds chirping accompanying visuals of a couple walking through bushy area along a dusty road comes on screen which contradicts the tone that had been set on earlier introduction and already the story is lost it is all over and everywhere.

Too much suspense!

Moving on to when vocals start where a shot most probably from a drone faces directly against proceedings on the ground,a view that is so in-line with the song lyrics of angels  watching  from above, but out of unknown reasons are not descending with blessings.Well done on that one that is a hit.

However it is so unfortunate that misses outnumber hits when talking about this video but nevertheless let us continue.

From an angel’s shot we shift our attention to a huge rock where a man dressed in a hoodie long black coat stands holding a stuff in his hand, yes! it is the ‘Gafa’ himself.

But wait a minute, is he not singing of angels? not just any but God’s?

What is the meaning of him wearing all black and looking like an ancient wizard?

Fast forward to cheap ‘green screened’ snow meant to resemble a western country. Is the ‘Disappear’ hit-maker too pocket conscious to fund for his music video scene getting shot on real visions? Simply Disappointing.

On to the next disappointment which is that of overdone filters, Enqore the video director did a very poor job, the delivery is so not up to the artist’s billing.

Synchronization of visuals and audio is not up to scratch, it is just a mess constituted of miss after miss.

In summary as they say cheap is expensive, this is a low budget video that has not lived up to its small bill and has cost the Ninja president trust when it comes to video delivery, first ‘Disappear’ and now ‘Ngirozi’

In an industry with the likes of Jah Prayzah who takes videos seriously to the extent of investing a fortune, Winky D has really failed his die hard fans who are still struggling to scrap through for positives- but its a hard job after all.

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