Winky D Misfires Again

Winky D’s live performances which are often filled with energy and good rapport makes it hard to believe his prowess has failed to make a notable mark across Zambezi and Limpopo rivers at least.

So poor are his foreign expeditions, such that while Jah Prayzah’s camp boasts of bagging an MTV award, Nigerian collaborations among many other successful projects, Winky D’s fans brag about him getting an interview with CNN and his hurried collaborations with Jamaican artist when they visit the country.

The release of the Gombwe hitmaker’s “Kasong Kejecha” visuals may be the answer to why he has been struggling to make it beyond the borders.

His video scripts, art, and general feel are too primitive to earn international recognition.

After misfiring on “Disappear” then  “Dzika Ngirozi” (visuals)  he is back it again with a low-budget video.

The video looks cheap.

Unlike his counterpart, Jah Prayzah, who is always willing to part with a fortune just to deliver mouth-watering videos, it appears the “Finhu Finhu” hitmaker is so penny-pinching to the extent of shooting low-quality visuals that will demand colour filters if they are to match modern day high-definition videos.

For an artist of his mantle, “Kasong Kejecha” is below standard.

He proved his capability on “Paperbag” and this is nothing compared to that.

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