Will Enzo Stand The Test of Time?

Winky D deservedly earned the title “undisputed king” of Zimdancehall simply for standing the test of time. The Bigman has seen many artists come and go while he soldiered on, re-inventing his sound and beat to remain relevant to this day.

New kid, Enzo Ishall has stormed the showbiz with fire, dominating headlines and smashing hit after another but will he keep up the steam, is the million dollar question.

Winky D’s case study has proven that the only way to survival is versatility and having ridden on not so family friendly content, a tool that catapulted his relevance and recognition, Enzo has delivered a taste of his other constructive side in his latest hit single titled “Matsimba,” tackling child and sexual abuse issues.

Though the song exploits the “Kanjiva” hitmaker’s constructive side, directly opposite to “Chiita Kwacho,” which is aggressive in nature and style, will he maintain on this lane that is capable of earning him the musically mature and elderly audience of society, critical in creating a solid base for his growth while ensuring him a different destiny from his predecessors who fell by the wayside?

Only time will tell.

After bursting charts with a number of singles riding on other artists’ readily known songs to catapult his way to stardom, when the time came for Jah Signal to prove his mantle in crafting songs from scratch the Stonyeni hitmaker dismally failed to win hearts as highlighted by his debut album “Jaya” that has failed to spark.

Enzo finds himself in a similar predicament as he has taken advantage of explicit songs that quickly excites people. But, he surely cannot have a whole album of radio unfriendly content, publicity is a need, other aspects include the need to rope-in corporates to promote his work hence more pressure on the crooner to produce content that talks more sense than sex in his album.

Though this Christmas all eyes will be on Enzo, his real test will be on his debut album.

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