What is your CENTER?

By Mutsa Samuel

What is your CENTER? What is that ‘thing’ that is at your very core that makes you more AWARE of who you are; that ‘thing’ that you are just naturally good at and makes you feel alive? What is your center? Your center does not have to be anything grand like solving world hunger or stopping wars; no. Your center can be the most subtle things like being a good listener, being a caring mother, or writing songs and poems.

Your center is identified not by its financial benefits or the exposure and popularity it gets you, no. Your center is not forced, nor is it manipulative, it has no ego… I like to think of it sort of like your mini ‘super-power.’ It is that gift that you know you have and when used properly, people start recognizing it as well.

your CENTER is what you were put on this earth for…

Don’t know what your center is or your unsure of how to find it? here are a few things you can do to find it:

  1. Take your mask off!

Yes there are societal pressures and roles that are instilled in us but there comes a point in your life when YOU have to decide for YOURSELF what is best for YOU! If certain beliefs, roles or traditions do not work for you and the life you want to live, then stop pretending! People can spot  fake! BE YOU!!!

Embrace ALL of you: with your past mistakes, present shortcomings and future miscalculations.

If you are around people who cannot accept that, then you may need to find other people to hang around. Remember, the mask = EGO and we are trying to let that go…

  1. Have your personal revolution

A revolution in a personal context, is a turn around of a predominant way of thinking or doing things TO BETTER YOURSELF. Your personal revolution is that definitive change; when you decide that you want that freedom to be who you really are! You revolt against the ‘old’ way of doing things and push yourself to foster new habits. This is not easy; hence its a revolution! (look out for my 30 days of Transformation to get tips on how you can do this more seamlessly…)

  1. Control what you can

When you find your center, it will make you and others in your immediate surroundings feel better about themselves. If your center is something that will grow on a large-scale, then great! But let that happen organically. Don’t force it. Your center should be effective in your immediate context and in what you can control. The global effect Oprah has today did not start like that, it actually started with herself; and controlling what she could with what she had.

So think about it… and foster that inner-awareness that will make you realize that special, unique quality you bring to this earth. Oh and do this with a smile on your face, it makes a world of difference!

Source: www.mutsasamuel.blogspot.com

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