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In the news! SELETINE (Social Architect) & Brian Willis (No relation to Bruce!) are back after a lil hiatus in the news to discuss Beatz by Kikky Badass and Dj Mox’s role in the debacle; Blaq Diva Queen next up for Queen Status? Fucci “shoots” at Team Bhoo Boss and Ricochets onto Holy Ten, boss Asaph’s #GinimbiRich aspirations; new music from R.Peels, Dj Towers, Aytee, PD the Ghost and more!

Aura the Poet pops by to discuss her first show after a 6 year hiatus from Poetry; multitasking her various businesses with motherhood, addresses Outspoken & Synik ghost writing rumors, relationships in the creative industry, working with BegottenSun and why a “certain” radio personality is good husband material and soooo much more!

This Week’s Playlist:

Eltee Baba – Grind

Scrip Mula – Svoto

It’s Fucci – Shingirirai (Zvichaita Bho Team) *Exclusive*

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