We Have An Incapable Government: Busha

FreeZim Congress leader, Joseph Busha says President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration is incapable of delivering the country out of its economic morass citing inherent corruption as the biggest setback.

Busha, a Presidential candidate in the previous plebiscite also jeered the Finance and Economic Development Minister, Mthuli Ncube for “lacking truthfulness” in his handling of the economy.

Addressing press this morning in Harare, Busha said the late former President Robert Mugabe’s premonition that Zanu PF didn’t have a worthy leader to succeed him then is manifesting presently.

“We have an incapable government and that’s a fact. I hope the President is going to take heed and understand that he is not in a position to take us out of where we are. There was a reason why, whether it was for selfish reasons, the late President said there was no one capable of succeeding him, possibly it was true. It was true because if they were capable they can’t do exactly the same thing over and over again,” said Busha.

Busha expressed concern over the monetary reforms the government is carrying out saying they do not carry substance enough to address the underlying problems in the economy which include low production and unrelenting corruption.

He said matters could be improved if Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube could show some thruthfulness.

“We find money in the streets and not in the banks and we need to understand who is printing the money and who is feeding it onto the streets because certainly we are not going anywhere,”

“They get us a Minister who is not truthful with facts. He comes to say we have got surpluses yet we don’t have medicines yet our schools are collapsing and infrastructure is collapsing. The so-called surplus that was coming through is a result of inflation. But there is no buying power of that money,” Busha fumed.

Zimbabwe is battling a coterie of challenges such as rampant corruption and serious cash challenges yet efforts to normalize the situation are proving too difficult for authorities.

But the government says Western imposed sanctions on targeted individuals and strategic local firms are crippling efforts to resuscitate the economy, hence limiting its ability to deliver on electoral promises.

“Every part and sector of our economy has been affected by these sanctions like a cancer,” President Mnangagwa told hundreds of people gathered at the National Sports Stadium last Friday.

Analysts have agreed on the existence of sanctions on several firms and individuals aligned to the current regime but however note that it is more of resource mismanagement and corrupt tendencies that are at the core of the challenges bedeviling the country more than  sanctions themselves.

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