We Are Not Frustrating Muchehiwa’s Bid For Justice: Impala

Impala Car Rental has denied reports that it is delaying and frustrating the process of releasing information of the person who hired their vehicle used in the abduction of a Bulawayo student Tawanda Muchehiwa.

Addressing the media, on Thursday, Impala Car Rental representative, Jivas Mudimu said the documents relating to the identity of their client who hired the vehicle used in the abduction of Muchehiwa were seized by the police.

“In our first statement we highlighted that we will be abiding by the law enforcement agents and when they came to our offices asking for the file we then gave them,” he said.

Mudimu said they even wrote to the police asking for the file to be returned back but were told that it was being used for investigations.

“Because we are a concerned company and we are willing to assist Muchehiwa in finding the criminals we then made a follow up to the police but they told us that it was being used for further investigations,” he said.

Mudimu said the file was seized from Impala by a Harare law and order police officer only identified as Chibaya.

He said it was unfortunate that Muchehiwa’s legal team reported the case in Bulawayo and got a High court order to have the file while they had already given it to Police.

“We did not know that they had already got a court order. When the order was served we informed the sheriff that the file was already with the police who had seized it.

“So we are not frustrating the process. We are actually cooperating but we are not in a position to give the documents we do not have in our possession.

“We advised the family to approach the police and we even have the name of the officer who seized the documents.”

Mudimu, however accused Muchehiwa’s legal team of using wrong information when they filed their case with the court.

He said that was the reason why they had to file opposing papers to correct the wrong details before the courts.

“It is unfortunate that his legal team filed some fake papers and for instance the said press statement that does not have an Impala logo, instead it has a logo written Ferret Car Rental with a lion on it, so those are some of the things that lead us to file a notice of opposition,”

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