War Vets Exert Pressure On Mugabe to Resign

War veterans have called on Zimbabweans to continue exerting pressure on President Robert Mugabe to vacate office saying they were disappointed that he could not resign on Sunday night when he addressed the nation live on national television.

Addressing the media in Harare on Monday, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZLNWVA) Chairperson, Christopher Mutsvangwa urged Zimbabweans to come together, sit in and demonstrate until President Mugabe steps down.

“After the announcements by Zanu PF party yesterday, Mugabe goes to the nation as the President while pretending on the national television as if everything is okay but us as war veterans we say Mugabe go now your time is up, please leave the state house and let the country start on a new page .

“If he cant do that, we are bringing back the people of Zimbabwe to come back to the streets and he has to settle his issues with the people of Zimbabwe

“If last time there was a one and half million in the streets, we are appealing those who came last time to bring another person so that we double the ground tomorrow and some can even start to come today there is no problem but tomorrow is the day and this time there will be a sit in the last time the army appealed and said they were in control whereby they were having additional discussions with him.

“Now we were disappointed yesterday in the midst of all generals when he appeared to swap an agreed position and proceeded to read a document which clearly is the trade mark of Jonathan Moyo to the nation and the whole world he proceeds to pretend as if his presidency is normal but we say its no longer normal

“So this is why we are saying while parliament will be doing their things while we as war veterans are going back to the people and ask them to come back in the streets and now we need more support from business people who provided transport last time and we are not going to leave Harare until we win,” said Mutsvangwa.

He added that Jacob Zuma as the South African Development Community (SADC) Chairperson, just like every other Zimbabwean was in support of the action by the Zimbabwean Defence Forces.

“We very happy that it have been understood by the region that that was never a coup but it was the army simply feeling in a gap were the police and the security agency were supposed to act.

“So South African president Jacob Zuma have understood the situation and he have been giving proper information  to SADC on the particular issue because if it was a coup,the army were not suppose to protect him and they were supposed to allow the crowd to enter the blue roof but they didn’t.

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