Wanna Be American Videos Killing Music Industry: Tocky Vibes


Award-winning Zimdancehall artist, Obey Makamure, stage name Tocky Vibes has lashed at local artists who imitate American lifestyles in their music videos saying it is a sign of identity crisis.

Tocky Vibes, who is set to release videos for his 20 track album, Chamakuvangu said he will stick to scripts that tell the true Zimbabwean story.

“Unlike my fellow artists who try and portray American lifestyles in their music videos which they do not live, inini mavideo angu ndoshootira paden pangu despite nhamo inenge ichibuditswa ipapo because ndozviri muZimbabwe ( I shoot my videos at my real home despite an impoverished lifestyle associated with it).

“You see artists going through expenses of hiring houses just to portray a foreign lifestyle in a video, that is identity crisis at its peak,” said the “Mhai” hitmaker.

Another artist, Baba Harare who hit his debut million views on Youtube recently, also shared the same sentiments while sharing his thoughts on the secret to hitting such a milestone.

“I believe a simple script and a storyline that relates to our local audience was the key to this rare achievement. I personally feel that people cannot really fall all in for a video with million dollar cars that they cannot afford,” said Baba Harare.

The “Usakande Mapfumo Pasi” dismissed chances of suffocating his fans by releasing 20 videos saying his music is warming to the heart and is not heavy enough to suffocate.

“How many pages does the Bible have? I would like to believe the same of my music, it cannot be suffocating, it is too easy to understand,” he said.

Tocky Vibes has since moved from videos with modern towns setting as most of his recent music visual are shot either in the rural areas or high-density suburbs.

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