Versatility, LoGun’s Unexploited Asset

Who remembers the producer behind Nembo Bwoy’s sing-along track, Misodzi featuring Roki. The song was a big hit that exposed Roki’s talent while ushering Nembo Bwoy into the world of music but LoGun, the guy behind the machines, the beats and production never gained much recognition- proving that in Zimbabwe producers’ contribution to hit songs is rarely appreciated.

Who is LoGun?

Real name, Tinashe Nguluve has spent the past 11-years in the music industry, having begun recording in 2007. In pursuit of his dream to become an established artist, LoGun discovered that he had the versatility to make beats resulting in him launching his career as a music producer.

Besides the hit song Misodzi, LoGun has produced for Iwata and Ba Shupi and has worked with the likes of Sulumani Chimbetu, Dadza D, Stunner, Mic Inity among other top artists in Zimbabwe.

After establishing himself as a reputable producer, he re-ignited his ambition as an artist, by doing backing vocals for artists he would have recorded and recording himself after hours.

LoGun has since released two singles collections, with his latest offering an EP titled Kwandabva Kure and have also released two videos, one for the song Life Chapters and another for the street anthem, Ghetto Rangu, featuring hip-hop heavyweight T. Gonzi.

He has collaborations with Smiley and Stunner proving that he still a lot in store to offer to music lovers.

Currently LoGun is a resident producer of Great Wall studio in Sunningdale.

Recently LoGun worked with Transit Crew, forming reggae music with the trio, Cello Culture and Sister Flame.

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