Update From War Veterans Press Conference

263Chat will provide live updates of the war veterans press conference that is currently underway at Club Chambers in Harare. The press conference follows an address by the army that they are in the process of cleansing the country of ‘criminals whom they accuse of suffocating the country and causing untold suffering on the people.

1241hrs: The presser will be addresses by Douglas Mahiya and Victor Matemadanda

1243hrs: After some singing of revolutionary songs,  Douglas Mahiya begins his address. He urges war veterans in the room to celebrate.

1244hrs: Mahiya introduces war veterans leadership.

1245hrs: Matemadanda begins his address. He says his speech is based on the constitution of Zanu PF and the country. He says the constitution had been thrown into the dustbin.

1246hrs: Matemadanda says the constitution allows the army to intervene to protect the national security of the country

1248hrs: He says Zanu PF should set aside all suspensions and dismissal by G40 and cabal.

1249hrs: All the people from the central committee, provincial and ordinary members should be pardoned before the December congress.

1250hrs: war veterans should be restored as the fourth wing of Zanu PF

1250hrs: Why did Robert Mugabe chosen to work with counter revolutionaries. Why did he chose to denounce war veterans who have been with him during the liberation war, querried Matemadanda.

1251hrs: Robert Mugabe must be recalled from his position.

1252hrs: crimes committed by Robert Mugabe are much worse than Ndabaningi Sithole

1255hrs: Chipanga was leading a quasi army insulting Army Generals

1255hrs: all political parties in Zim must recognise the role played by war veterans.

1256hrs: we want to facilitate good and proper running of forthcoming elections.

1256hrs: the youths should respect state institutions mandated to work for people.

1257hrs: Zanu PF youth league is not an army of the state.

1257hrs: Chipanga’s challenge on the army general is unheard of.

1258hrs: bootlicing had become the order of Zanu PF.

1258hrs: we applaud the work done by CDF and commander of the airforce.

1259hrs: Zimbabwe belongs to us all. We call upon all sections of our security forces. They should shun the practise of yesterday where they arrested those who opposed state capture.

1300hrs: the police have not cleared by 18 November indaba. The meeting is going on.

1301hrs: Matemadanda says the Zanu PF central committee will proceed and align the party to return to constitutionalism

1302hrs: ZBC should be very patriotic this time, they should not be partisan and factional this time.

1303hrs: All political parties should embrace this, we anticipate inclusivity as no one person can correct the situation that we are in.

1304hrs: Those like RuRugare Gumbo must return to the party. You cannot be fired by someone who came after you.

1306hrs: Matemadanda ends his address.

1306hrs: He says the country is running as usual.

1307hrs: He says the army has not taken over

1308hrs: The press conference has ended


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