UN Urges Zim Govt to Investigate Abuse of Women During Army Crackdown

The United Nations in Zimbabwe has urged government to investigate alleged sexual abuse of women by state security agents during the shutdown protests that engulfed the country a fortnight ago.

In a statement released today, UN expressed concern over the recent spate of violence which saw thousands of opposition and civil society activists being arrested and detained.

UN further urged government to hold perpetrators of the shutdown violence to account and assist families who lost their loved ones.

“The United Nations is concerned over the recent spate of violence in Zimbabwe, leaving trails of destruction, looting, mass arrest and detention as well as reported physical violence, rape cases and sexual violence.

“The United Nations notes the Government’s stated commitment to investigate the reported cases of violence, rape and incidents of unlawful detention, including of minors.

“The investigations should result in holding the perpetrators to account and bringing justice to those affected, assisting families who lost loved ones, ensuring due process of law to those in custody and providing survivors with necessary health, psycho-social and legal services,” UN noted.

The agency further condemned acts of violence, rape and other forms of abuse challenging government to protect the security and dignity of every citizen in conformity with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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