Tytan Deletes Olinda’s Pictures On Instagram

Drama around the United Kingdom-based celebrity couple, Olinda Chapel and Njabulo “Tytan” Nkomo continues to unfold as the latter has unfollowed and deleted his spouse’s pictures on Instagram.

The couple who took centre stage in recent weeks after revelations that the Mukoko singer cheated with his wife’s former best friend had celebrated their one-year marriage anniversary a little over a month ago.

After the revelations, Olinda erupted on social media where she gave her husband a passport to sleep around declaring that the two were now in an open relationship.

But she later shared a post apologizing over her conduct saying she had sought mental health experts to deal with postnatal depression which she pointed out as the key factor to her relationship problems.

However, despite admitting her mistakes, Tytan seems to have had enough as he has deleted their wedding pictures from Instagram.

Tytan’s actions provoked mixed feeling on social media and this is what some people had to say…

“If Tytan decides to divorce you then he’s an A$$***E STINKING GOLD DIGGER???? Didn’t he know what he was getting into when he started accepting your luxurious gifts?????? Weak men,lazy men,f**kless man,dickkess man and confidenceless man????? If someone vows to love you and marry,they should stick with you through thick and thin.

“At least Stunner akatombogara,zvekamboi kanonzi Tytan mmmmmm zvandipedza strong.

“I don’t like you Olinda but divorce is not easy and I stand with you ??????? God will remember your tears,stay strong mummy ??? Hauna hako kundikoshera but God will wipe away your tears ???,” wrote Tatelicious.

“Mm nunomaBusiness buh I jus wanted to know kut ko tatoo redu takuitasei,” wrote one user.

“Ndizvo zvinoita twana tudiki kana twaguta hatuchengeteke,” said another.

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