Two minors in court for house breaking

Two minors were yesterday dragged to court for house breaking.

The two, Tashinga Chivhu, 17 and Jacob Tirivanhu, 15 (not real names) pleaded guilty to Harare magistrate, Anorld Maburo.

The court heard that on 9 October 2016, the two minors unlawfully entered a private premise in Belvedere, Harare and took a bag full of clothes.

The court also heard that the accused persons proceeded to the main house and stole 10 pairs of shoes, a laptop, three cell phones, a box of jewellery and a DVD player.

The two culprits were caught wearing some of the clothes which they stole.

Upon mitigation, the two pleaded that they  were still at school and expressed their zeal to proceed with their studies.

Goods which were stolen are valued at US$4216 but goods amounting to US$1417 have been recovered.

Magistrate Maburo however ordered the two to be taken to a social worker.

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