Turn-up the Volume

The Greatness Perspective with Liberty Mwariwangu Sr.

The breath you are taking right now is a passport to the next one and it is sign that you are still alive no matter how battered you feel. It is showing you that you still have all the credentials of this life in one place no matter how clumsy things around you are, and it is evidence that you still have a purpose to fulfill and an assignment to accomplish no matter how disintegrated and disdain you feel about yourself.

By Liberty Mwariwangu Sr.

You are not yet done in this life as long as you can still see, feel, smell, taste or hear. Even if you are on your sickbed, you are livelier than a purposeless stray roaming the streets aimlessly as long as you have a flicker of hope to see the next second or minute within you. Keep that lit as it is the visa to your passport of breath. With hope you can explore diverse lands of possibilities. Don’t expire because of circumstances for your creator made you a master over everything that touches your life.

It is important to learn to embrace life wholesomely by planning for it and taking each day as a precious gift. Treat every, second, minute or hour as an opportunity to express or activate your good plans and that will surely effect transformation in your life. Learn from rain which floods the earth not because it falls from the sky as a river but as droplets in consistent mode.

Be likened to the rain drop which washes away the mountain; the ant who devours a tiger; the star which brightens the earth; the slave who builds a pyramid as author and speaker, Og Mandino asserted. You don’t need to be a great person to accomplish great works. Great people are small men who decided to ace great assignments one beat at a time.

Plan and activate your plans daily lest you suffocate yourself by trying to execute everything at once. Don’t wait until December to do everything you intended for the year, a year’s plan can be broken into manageable and achievable quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly missions knowing that failing to plan is planning to fail and failing to act on those plans is passport to idleness and rottenness. Living with un-applied potential within you is worse than suicide. It is a crime you will carry through eternity, living with regrets on this side of life and when you finally cross the curtain of time your creator will ask for what you did with all that glorious deposit within you.

Failure to act on your plans is the ancestor of all poverty. Procrastination steals not only time but who you should become; you park in a hoax and wait for a perfect day when everything permits you to act on your dream but in the meanwhile waning in your youthful vigor. Sadly most people discover that such a day never arrives when they are old and wasted having massively depleted in both bodily and mental strength. They complete their days on earth in a nirvana of blaming their failures on other people. It is noble to credit other people with your successes when you always blame them for your failures. Author and speaker Denis Waitley observed, “Most people spend their entire lives on a fantasy island called ‘Someday I’ll.’”

The art of succeeding in life lies in starting early; an early bird captures the fattest worm. How early coach? You may ask. As early as now is the answer, as soon as you come to the realization that something ought to be done, start there and then because the only time you have is now, Don’t leave for tomorrow what can be done today, don’t wait until tomorrow for that may never arrive for you.

Don’t let the sands of time run their course without making a vivid positive contribution in your life and that of others. In his book; Personal Crucibles, Leadership rabbi, Joe Mutizwa as well as former CEO of Delta Corporation indicates, the true value of life is gleaned from the seeds of positive contributions that we sow into other people’s lives. Make it your goal every single day, knowing that success is measured by what we put into others not what we get from them.

Live your life like your best song, play it, turn up the volume of your mental gadgetry and dance through it like no one is watching. Bad circumstances like sickness and brokenness may cross your path nut never allow them to steal your hope and joy for they are the fuel that keeps life rolling. Don’t stand-up to be counted anymore, but rather stand-up to do the counting and be in control. Don’t be victimized by circumstances but rather victimize your circumstances, you’re a created to be a master.

Liberty Mwariwangu Sr. is an Author, Columnist, Transformational-Motivational speaker, Consultant, Purpose expert and Senior Pastor with Spirit Culture Churches Worldwide a non-denominational movement headquartered in Harare Zimbabwe. He is the founder of the Global Success Institute (GSI); an institution targeted at developing and enabling young people to make positive impact in their various spheres of influence so they can dominate in life. He makes appearances on television and radio speaking on purpose and motivation for a profitable and fulfilling life. He can be reached at +263774357394 or libsmwariwangu@gmail.com

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