Turbulence Jets In For The One Reggae One Africa Concert 

Jamaican dancehall artists Turbulance and Mega Banton jetted into the country on Tuesday for the independence celebrations tour set for Harare, Kwekwe and Bulawayo.

The shows organised by Red Fox International and Savanna Tobacco follows the launch of Pacific cigarettes in Jamaica early this year.

Speaking at a press conference held at Savanna Tobacco head office, Robert Zhuwao of Red Fox International promised memorable shows which will also see sungura, hip hop and urban grooves also performing alongside the two Jamaican music gurus.

“We are going to have road shows for this gig today and tomorrow there will be a welcome party at Redfox hotel with many artists who will perform at the shows set to show up,” said Zhuwao.

Turbulence who also graced the press conference said he was going to take time to listen to Zimdancedall music as he believes he planted the seeds for what revolutionized Zimbabwe’s music industry with the genre now one of the most followed in the country.

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