Tsenengamu Tears Into Mnangagwa And Chamisa

Expelled Zanu PF national youth political Commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu has ripped into President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa saying they are only concerned about power than the majority of the people.

Tsenengamu made these remarks during a press conference in Harare saying the over two million votes that both parties garnered in the 2018 election cannot be the basis of the country’s economic halt.

“If you look at their numbers 2, 1 million and 2, 4 million votes, what percentage is that of the total population of Zimbabwe. So you (Mnangagwa and Chamisa) think you can hold us at ransom because of two million votes kutotiona sevanhu venyu, kutotiita zvireshe zvenyu (you take us as your servants making us fools)” charged Tsenengamu

Referring to the legitimacy crisis Tsenengamu said the country cannot be brought to a halt because of the 2018 election dispute.

“You are saying this nation gets stuck because you need your conditions to be met, No it’s not going to happen. There is nothing special about you, nothing at all. When we brought ED we never thought we would find ourselves in this situation, we thought we would be better than 2017 but it’s even worse. So what guarantee do we have that if one of you becomes a leader you are going to extract us from this mess.

“You want to take advantage of our situation, others are still planning for 2023 whilst others are still mourning about the stolen 2018 election so the two preoccupation in the leadership of the two main political parties is power that is acquisition of power or protection of it.” he said

Without elaborating the action that his Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) would take Tsenengamu said they would engage citizens in the next ten days. He however said from the 7th of July up to the 10th they will take action.

Tsenengamu was expelled from the ruling Zanu PF after he named business people aligned to the party as being corrupt and has embarked on a crusade to fight corruption through FEEZ a social movement group.


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