“This Is Sheer Nonsense” Coltart Responds to Chaibva’s Confessions

Former Bulawayo senator, David Coltart has dismissed his former colleague Gabriel Chaibva’s claims that he is behind the crafting of the Zimbabwe Development Economic Recovery Act (ZIDERA).

Appearing before the Kgalema Motlanthe led Commission of Inquiry yesterday, Chaibva nailed his former party for orchestrating a plan to soil the Zanu PF led government to lure the attention of the Americas.

Writing on Twitter today, Coltart reacted angrily to Chaibva’s claims.

“I trust that I will be given a right of reply. This is sheer nonsense,” he said.

Army and police bosses on Monday accused the MDC of organising violent protests that resulted in the death of innocent civilians.

In response, the MDC queried why the army and police only made the accusations through a Commission of Inquiry.

“If it were true that it was the MDC that had gunned down people, why would it wait for three months for senior police and military officers to soil the image of the MDC youths before a Commission of Inquiry without effecting any arrest?

“We are not a terrorist organization but a legitimate political party in Parliament running the majority of cities and towns, including Harare where the needless blood was shed in broad daylight. We cannot be in the business of participating in elections & engaging in terrorism,” the opposition wrote on twitter yesterday.

Meanwhile, the commission of Inquiry adjourned and will resume on the 21st of month to continue with public hearings.

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