Taking Excessive Vitamins To Fight COVID-19 Could Lead To Diarrhoea

A South African Professor has warned that excessive intake of Vitamin D has adverse effect in the fight against Covid-19.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases’ Professor Adrian Puren said, “associations are not necessarily causations.

“We have to think a bit more broadly than just Vitamin D. I think most people do have a good intake of Vitamin D but there are certainly situations where they are deficient,” Puren said.

“I would caution not to go and load up on Vitamin D, in fact the excess can have side effects which are not very pleasant. I would really caution looking at Vitamin D in isolation.”

Professor Puren cautioned with all trace minerals and vitamins that they should be treated if there is a deficiency but not identified as the whole cause of poor outcomes in COVID-19 cases.

Source: eNCA

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