Tajamuka Calls for Peaceful Protests

Social movement group Tajamuka/Sesijikile has expressed concern over the deteriorating economic situation obtaining in the country and called for nationwide protests.

Speaking during a press conference in Harare, Tajamuka/Sesijikile leader Promise Mkwananzi said they are concerned by the despair which has reached desperate levels.

“We are deeply concerned by the gloom and despair born out of the abject poverty hunger and suffering of our people which has reached desperate levels. The most tragic reality of it all is that this untold suffering is not a result of natural causes beyond the reach of the comprehension of many but a deliberately man made suffering made and created by the very people who continue and claim to that we gave them the mandate to ensure the betterment of our situation and our resolution for our decade long political, economic and social crisis,” said Mkwananzi

He said Tajamuka is of the view that it is time for to Zimbabweans to come together and bring the situation to an end.

“It is our strong held view that we must now come together in our collective wisdom and strength as citizens and bring the madness to an end.”

Mkwananzi said problems such as corruption, theft, annihilation and decimation of the opposition MDC are in the public domain therefore President Mnangagwa and his Government must leave.

“…The list of the ills for which this Govt is responsible is endless and exhaustive in short Mnangagwa have failed and must leave. In the coming season Tajamuka urges the people of Zimbabwe to brace themselves for sustained peaceful but relentless protests until the regime yields to the just and legitimate concerns and demands of our people.” he said.

Mkwananzi said the movement is going to engage various other organisations and unprecedented forms of action will be unleashed on the ground in the coming weeks.

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