Tahle ‘Give Me More’ Wardrobe Review

Talk of Zimbabwe’s most unique and mature female vocalists, Tahle WeDzinza is there with the best and this is without doubt. Her recent video with Jah Prayzah titled ‘Give Me More’ has exposed her poor fashion sense, especially considering that she is yet to make a major breakthrough in her musical career. To many, that opportunity, that video was the moment she could have won hearts, first impressions lasts longer and yet she failed to rise to the occasion.

A closer look on the pink jumpsuit reveals an outfit that was probably stitched hurriedly just before the video shoot. Stitches are too visible on both ends of the outfits’ tail and added to that – a poor fit. Several people definitely did not do their jobs well (stylists,tailors and video production team).

The song is upbeat and it conveys a message of love, to fashionistas, this automatically means cheerful colors are supposed to talk more with very little or no room for dull colors.

This is why shots where she is wearing white were so perfect, relating and catchy, color was in good relation with lyrics and beat. Jah Prayzah seems to have mastered the chemistry of color quite well with that yellow/gold blazer and white pants.

Unfortunately, probably out of her soft spot for dull shades she let them (black, navy blue and military green) dominate a song that needed a little more of color to talk.

Fans who watched the video on Youtube had no kind words either as they quickly noticed her anti-climax fashion that failed to live to be billing of the video. Below are the comments from her fans;

“Tahle needs a stylist tjooo tjooo tjooo…pink jumpsuit iyo haitoiti..but the song is good! #zoomzoom

Another fan argued saying;

“Madzimai munowisirana pasi at times. Song is nice, hameno vauya pano kuzotsvaga dressing”

Maybe she can be forgiven as she is still up and coming but it appears her color combinations often betray her, she needs to invest in so ordinary outfits to make a lasting impression.

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