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Dj Cleo To Grace Unplugged @ 5

South African award-winning Kwaito and House music producer DJ Cleo, born Tlou Cleopas Monyepao will headline the five years anniversary celebrations of the monthly music festival, Unplugged, slated for Wingate, Harare on 15 December.…

Unplugged Stays Loyal to Pricing

While most show promoters are caught between a rock and hard place with regards to hiking gate fees and sacrifice turnout numbers or stay on normal pricing and make very little, organizers of monthly music festival Unplugged have remained…

Unplugged In Pictures

The first installment of the biggest social event in Zimbabwe, Unplugged, was held over the weekend with Plaxedes Wenyika, Bryan K, Sylent Nqo and Pro_beats entertaining revelers who turned up for the event sponsored by Coca-Cola.…
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