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Mai Titi Whips Java Into Line

Outspoken socialite Mai Titi has told flamboyant cleric Passion Java to desist from mocking the poor from whom the man of cloth "earns a living." In a public rant aired live on her Facebook account, the socialite told Java of "twabam"…

Mai Titi’s Open Letter To Zizoe

Controversial comedienne Mai Titi, real name Felistas Edwards, has penned an open letter to her former 'Ben 10' lover and Gweru-based musician Zizoe PaMyk following who recently released his latest offering titled “Vavhurei Mboni.” In a…

Don’t Rush Me: Bounty Lisa

Following backlash from social media users over her "confusion" to shelve seeking medical attention, Zimdancehall chanter Bounty Lisa has called for public patience saying she still has to finish some spiritual processes she had already…
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