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Jonathan Moyo

The Political Professor Series (1)

Let me say at this juncture welcome.This series is one to remember in a lifetime.Digging down in the trenches of hardcore of politics. I would like to introduce myself to you Zimbabweans as 'The Political Professor.'What makes me a…

Nyanga Chief Promises Zanu-PF Victory

Chief Victor Saunyama of Saunyama Village in Nyanga, has torched a storm after he urged his subjects to vote for the ruling Zanu-PF in the upcoming general elections while declaring that no opposition party should be given space to hold…

Chamisa Not a Winner Yet!

The popularity of Nelson Chamisa has made the ruling party ZANU PF shiver as the 40 year old legislator has become their new rival in post Tsvangirai era .After the burial of the former Prime Minister DR Tsvangirai on 20 February all eyes…
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