‘Zanu PF Youths’ Haunts Shingi Munyeza Out Of Private Gathering

Rowdy ‘Zanu PF youths’ today blocked Presidential Advisory Council member and fierce Government critic businessman Shingi Munyeza from speaking at a meeting where he was guest of honor.

Munyeza who has of late been critical of President Mnangagwa’s administration was set to be guest of honour at the launch of the Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking (ZIST) in Harare.

According to an  eyewitness, three men blocked him from making remarks at the meeting accusing the outspoken cleric of not paying them their dues.

“There were three men suspected to be state agents who accused Munyeza of not paying them their dues. One of them took a seat at the front where the panelists were to sit and refused to vacate when asked to do so. That’s when he started talking about the payment issues. When asked to name the person who owe him the money he didn’t say until the other suspected state agent named Munyeza. Munyeza walked out to try and talk with them but it was clear that their main assignment was not to allow him speak at the meeting.” said the witness.

Political commentator, Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya who was also present during the scuffle said the ZANU PF youths were saying Shingi Munyeza as a Presidential Advisory Committee member cannot speak against President Mnangagwa. 

Contacted for comment Munyeza said the action by the three men was expected as the nation was in a rogue situation.

“I have no idea of who they are and where they are from. I expect this in our rogue state situation where freedoms of expression and rights are no longer respected and people are harassed. At a very opportunity when I was in a meeting to launch something that is good for our country.” said Munyeza

On whether he was under attack for his latest outburst against the Government, he said the state has gone rogue and he has taken a position.

“I have taken a very clear position that what is happening now is wrong the state has gone rogue and that was evidence of a rogue state.” said Munyeza.

Munyeza, a renowned businessman and church preacher described the current government as oppressive, corrupt, and inhumane.

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