Stanbic Responds to Harare Residents


Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe has heeded to appeals by its Harare based clients to add City of Harare on their payment merchants list for convenient settling of bills, Patson Mahatchi, Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe Head of Personal and Business banking has revealed.

According to Mahatchi, as of 7 days ago, customers are now able to pay their Harare City Council bills using the mobile banking platform.

“I would like to confirm that Harare City Council has been added onto our payment merchants list on mobile banking, and we are delighted to share this development with our customers,

“Since we introduced Bulawayo and Gweru city councils on our mobile banking platform, there had been a lot of requests from our clients who have interests in the capital city to add Harare. The plans to do so had already been laid out and we were working tirelessly to ensure that we deliver an efficient functionality” said Mahatchi.

The digital platform can authenticate the customer’s City of Harare account details to ensure that they are paying into correct accounts which is automatically updated in real time.

Stanbic Bank has recorded significant growth in digital banking technologies and has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

The Standard Bank subsidiary also managed to introduce Kwese TV payments on their mobile banking platform just before the 2018 FIFA World Cup came to life.

“Our aim is to become a highly digital bank for the benefit of our customers. Times are changing and with it, the needs of the people are evolving. If we can eliminate a lot of manual interventions and reduce the time and money customers spend doing financial transactions, then we are headed on the correct path”, explained Mahatchi.


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