Stanbic Bank Commemorates Africa Day

Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe has joined Africa in commemorating Africa Day with a social media campaign that encourages people to share their love story for the continent dubbed #LoveLetterstoAfrica.

The leading financial services institution, together with its parent company, Standard Bank Group duly named the month of May as Africa Month.

While Standard Bank Group is the leading banking and financial services group in Africa, it has shown its human face by running a commemorative social media campaign called #Love Letters to Africa in celebration of Africa month and in particular Africa Day.

The social media campaign, which began early this month, has been calling on Standard Bank’s audiences to share their love story for this beautiful continent the institution calls home.

Throughout the month, audiences have been using #LoveLettersToAfrica on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, sharing their love letters to Africa.

Standard Bank also recognizes the important role the media plays in sharing stories about the African continent.
Stanbic Bank penned an open letter to all media practitioners acknowledging the media’s role as storytellers, urging them to ensure that the full story of Africa does not go untold.

In the letter, Standard Bank quoted revered African writer Chinua Achebe – the Grandfather of African Literature – who said: “If you don’t like my story, write your own”. The Bank said for too long Africans have not liked the story that has been told about the continent adding that also for too long the story of Africa has not been told by its own people.

Far too many stories remained untold such as stories of determination, beauty, love and triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds.

In recognizing the media, Standard Bank said: “As the crafter of these stories, we would like to recognize the critical role that you play in defining Africa in the eyes of the world. Africa’s stories are not just found in the pages of newspaper, in libraries and museums, they live in the hearts of everyone of us that calls Africa home”

“Our letter is to you and your role as story tellers in ensuring that the full story of Africa does not go untold. In helping to tell Africa’s real authentic stories, you are helping us achieve this goal. In doing so, we ask not that you ignore the continent’s failings or become hollow praise singers. We merely ask that you continue to tell the rich story of Africa,” said Bank.

Stanbic Banks has shared this letter attached in appreciation of your dedication to sharing stories of the continent.

Stanbic Bank in turn hopes that you will then participate in the Love Letter to Africa campaign and submit your stories.To see the supporting video content, please watch the video below:


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