Social Media Reactions to Jonathan Moyo Hard Talk Interview

Former Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo on Thursday featured on BBC’s current affairs program ‘Hard Talk’ where he raised a number of issues with regards to the political developments in Zimbabwe since the military action of last year.

Moyo in his interview refused to disclose about his whereabouts, saying he fears for his life since he left Zimbabwe running  from a “warranty of death.”

263Chat compiled some of interesting social media responses on the interview and they are as follows:

LOL. Sit down Jonathan. Mugabe resigned constitutionally. Mnangagwa was head of the party at the time and was made president through a constitutional process. I hope you feel what it’s like for all Zimbabweans who are in economic exile because of you and Grace and your selfishness. Stay away from home. Feel the pain. You deserve every ounce of it.
Mnangagwa was NOT head of the party. He had been expelled from the party. Khaya Moyo announced his removal and the reasons. I like ED but lets not pretend he and Chiwenga did not carry out an illegal state capture. I loathed Mugabe and was happy to see him go, but i love truth too much to pretend it was done constitutionally. Mugabe signed under duress, while on house arrest with a tank parked outside Blue Roof. The truth will set us free. That was an effing coup.
Well, you chase the BBC out and kill free speech when you’re in power, get chucked out then go back crying to the same BBC about how bad the system you helped create is and while there, try to lecture us on constitutionalism.
Well done Jono, you held your fort. I will not have the British formulate what they think is the situation in Zimbabwe just because now they can have their feet back in the country. This reporter was on a mission, sadly this is not journalism. Viva Zimbabwe
He speaks sense..Its not a crime to support anyone politically. Military coup should be a No…but people will learn hard lessons supporting a military gvt.
Though people might not like the professor, but what he is saying here is very crucial and if left unresolved, it a big problem.
Constitution requires you come to power through the ballot huh musorobhangu? Didn’t Mugabe got voted out in 2008 but cooked the books for 6wks? He did not relinquish power, did he? That was a coup you should have spoken out about. The bullet cannot lead government, huh? Didn’t your boss Mugabe in 2008 say the ballot cannot change govt except the bullet? Remember?
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